İstanbul is The New Cool

İstanbul defines the word cool. Being home to a very diverse crowd, and holding two continents together, being cool is inevitable.



Every light in this city means a different story. Imagine yourself witnessing each of them in the heart of two continents. This city will look into your soul directly and make your experiences timeless.



İstanbul is waiting for you with its unique tastes from bitter to sweet, sour to salty. Aside from its enchanting historical beauty, İstanbul is the right address even just to try new flavours!



The past, the present and the future full of surprises give this city its fragrance. You will find your childhood in a flower, the excitement of the future in a delicious meal, and the beauty of today in the unique scent of the forest, sea and streets in İstanbul.



Feel the texture of İstanbul in the details of an antique building, in the soft fur of a stray cat, in a tulip that fascinates with its color, or in an authentic silk fabric. İstanbul will touch you as you stroll through the streets of this city.



Listen to the heartbeats of two continents! If İstanbul was a playlist it would play in shuffle.



10 vibes from İstanbul

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With its reservoirs that supplied İstanbul with water for many centuries after its foundation, its fountains, and rich fauna, today, Belgrad Forest serves as the city’s lungs. Roughly half an hour’s drive from the city center, Belgrad Forest’s running and cycling tracks make it a matchless destination for sports enthusiasts.

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Straddling the Bosphorus Strait between Europe and Asia, İstanbul is etched with thousands of years of history, bearing the marks of the Ancient Greeks, the Persians, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Turks, and the Silk Road traders who've lived here over the centuries.